Week 7. The magic of words

The majority of this weeks videos were concerned with product creation, assembling the ebook, using pictures, testing of any links included in the book etc etc, all pretty simple stuff.

The last video contained a nice surprise for us in the way of a free ebook by a professional copywriter called Randy Smith. Randy has been involved with internet marketing and particularly copywriting and sales for a good number of years now and specialises in creating sales web pages.

This is the part about internet marketing/selling that I find particularly interesting, the way a bunch of words on screen can influence someone in such a powerful way as to make them reach for their debit cards and make them part with money. I’ve succumbed to this experience myself, reading a well written sales page which makes you want the product so badly it hurts.

So this is what we will be learning about from Randys free ebook – the art of copywriting, and I personally can’t wait. Did you know that professional copywriters get paid in excess of $2,000 a time for their services – words are THAT powerfull!! It really is a gift.

As well as the free ebook, Randy is also offering to do a free critique of every students finished sales page – what a fantastic offer 🙂

In the next videos John Thornhill will be creating a sales page from scratch and this is something I’m really looking forward to.

Until next time


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