Week 5. Batteries recharged and I’m ready to go

Well I’ve just come back from a smashing weekend in London with my girlfriend Amanda. As I said in my last post we were both feeling a little drained from all the stresses of re-decorating and work etc so we took a little break from it all and Amanda was good enough to drive me down to London for a Doctor Who convention. It’s not really her thing but she tells me she did it because she loves me so much . . . and so that I would be in her debt and I owe her big time 🙁

We had a smashing night in the hotel restaurant and bar on the Friday and then eventually dragged ourselves off to bed ready for the next morning. To be honest, the first half of the convention was a trifle . . . dare I say – boring. It consisted of a few actors who had a part in Doctor Who years ago sat on the stage just talking about anything and everything and some of them were just trying to plug their latest book or whatever. I was beginning to feel a little disappointed until my childhood hero Tom Baker came on stage and then everything changed for the better and I sat there for an hour beaming from ear to ear like a cheshire cat listening to his crazy anecdotes, I think he even won Amanda over and that’s saying something I can tell you.

At the end of the day I shook hands with Tom and got his autograph and Amanda snapped away with the camera to capture the event for posterity – I finally got to meet my childhood hero and he was fabulous 🙂

Meeting my childhood hero Tom Baker


As far as the course is concerned, I have decided on my topic at last, it’s something I already know a lot about and already have a website on – Sleep Paralysis. I was really struggling to choose an area to go into and I got together a list of about 10 ideas – one of which was my existing Sleep Paralysis site. So I contacted the ever helpful John Thornhill with them and asked his opinion. I also explained to him that although I already had a website on Sleep Paralysis I was never completely happy with it, to cut a long story short 2007 was a particularly bad year for me not least because I lost both my parents within 10 months of each other. I was also trying to get the website going but could never devote enough time to it because I was not in the right frame of mind.

John suggested that I stick with the Sleep Paralysis idea at least until the course was over and then maybe try out my other ideas and so this is what I have decided to do.

As per the instructions in the week 5 videos, I ordered some new graphics for my website and I have decided to do some re-writing to the e-book and improve the website itself using Johns methods.

Until next time


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