Week 4. My Brain Hurts! . . . .

As you know if you’ve been following my progress, I’m in the process of selling my house which needs decorating from top to bottom. The house was left to my brother and I by our parents who both passed away last year. Although the house is quite up to date and modernised with double glazing, central heating etc it’s surprising the amount of work that still needs doing in order to prepare it for selling.

My girlfriend Amanda and I have been working like demons in our spare time following all the advice from all the property programmes on T.V about ‘making things neutral’ and I’ve been staying up until the wee small hours ‘de-cluttering’ and listing all my unwanted items on Amazon and ebay. It’s amazing how much utter rubbish one collects over the years isnt it but I’m sure it will all find a good home and prove to be useful to someone out there, although who would ever want to buy a pair of flashing novelty nipple lights I don’t know – it’s a long story!

On with the coaching course and week 4 was all about ‘product creation’ – what I’m actually going to be selling online. I have to say, this has become a bit of a sticking point as I don’t have a clue about what subject area to go into. John gave lots of useful tips about what to search for in places like Clickbank which for those of you who don’t know is a marketplace for online information products. Here you can search for what is selling well at the moment with a view to possibly creating your own product and marketing it.

We were advised in the tutorial videos to make a list of ten things we were interested in then go and look at Clickbank to see if we could maybe find a popular product relating to our list that is selling well. I’m going to have to spend quite a bit of time considering this as I want to get it right so I really need to organise my time better and dedicate some time towards researching for ideas.

Like I said, it’s all quite hectic at the moment, from Mon-Wed I’m working 13 hour shifts in my day job then in my spare time trying to get as much decorating done as I can and I also have to fit this project in somewhere, it’s no wonder I fall into bed at night utterly exhausted. Still, at least life isn’t boring and on Tuesday night after downloading John’s videos I collapsed into bed and was just drifting off to the land of nod happily dreaming about being an internet millionaire when I was rudley awakened by an earthquake of all things. Quite a frightening experience especially as we don’t get them that often here in the UK, my bed was shaking so violently it must have looked like a scene from The Exorcist.

I have decided that my girlfriend and I need a break from things and so tomorrow we are travelling down to London for a Doctor Who convention. I’m really excited about this, mostly because I’ll get to meet my childhood hero Tom Baker who played the Doctor from 1974-1981.

At this moment in time we are already at week 5 with the coaching course and I have downloaded the videos and watched them. They are mostly concerned with creating the product using resources such as Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. However, since I still have not decided on a topic for my product I wont go into too much detail. Hopefully by my next post I will have re-charged my batteries and have something more to tell you about which niche I’m going to market to.

Until then


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    I wonder what you look like. Can you post a picture of yourself?

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