Week 16. Training Complete

Well that’s it! the coaching course is over. No videos this week just some useful tips and a free access to Johns training website 90 day powerseller.com which also contains a forum so you’re never left completely alone and your training can continue.

I must say I’ve really enjoyed this course and I would highly recommend it to anyone, I’ve found Johns method of teaching really captivating and his level of customer service has been excellent, I did have a few techinical problems and queries and I emailed John who replied within 1 day each time.

I now have a website and product of my very own and sales are slow but sure, hopefully when I put into practice the traffic generation methods that John teaches I will see an increase in sales. I have already had a lot of interest in my website at www.the-sleep-invaders.com from TV documentary makers and radio show hosts not to mention the dozens of emails I get from the video I posted on youtube promoting my site.

From here it’s onwards and upwards and I intend to concentrate more of my time to creating ebooks and selling digital products. Of course the ultimate goal is to quit the day job and do this full time which would be fantastic.

Although this course was designed to get you up and running in 16 weeks I personally have found it quite difficult to achieve everything in that timescale, life tends to get in the way and it certainly did with me, 2008 has been a particularly busy year for me full of changes in my personal circumstances – some nice and some not so nice. I started this course in January 2008 and as I write this last post it is December 23rd. To be honest, I could have made more of an effort at times and I feel that this is vital to anyones success if they wish to become an internet marketer. It is by no means an easy option or get rich quick scheme, it takes time and effort and focus and as I found – things can get in your way and distract you and take you off course, it’s so easy to become distracted by the latest new fangled ebook or marketing method and if you’re anything like me you’re a sucker for a well written sales page – but don’t get distracted, the truth is that all todays internet marketing systems are basically the same so find a good one, stick to it with lazer focus and see it through to the end.

I’d like to finish this post with some words of wisdom, it’s a poem that my late mum always used to recite to me when I was growing up at times when I needed a bit of motivation. I didn’t quite understand what the words meant at the time but now I do:

Drive the nail aright boys,
Hit it on the head,
Strike with all your might boys,
While the iron’s red.

When you’ve work to do boys,
Do it with a will,
Those who reach the top boys,
First must climb the hill.

Standing at the foot boys,
Gazing at the sky,
How can you get up boys,
If you never try.

Though you stumble oft boys,
Never be downcast,
Try and try again boys,
And you’ll succeed at last.

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