Week 14. Traffic Generation: Joint Venture Partners

One of the great things about internet marketing is that having competitors in your field of business is a good thing. It’s a fact that customers interested in a certain subject will buy everything and anything to do with that subject, and because marketers are always looking for new products to give to their customers this is great news for us as we can potentially Joint Venture with them, this is a win win situation as we have access to their customer database and our partners have a brand new product to give to their customers.

This weeks tutorial video showed us how to go about looking for Joint Venture partners searching through the Clickbank marketplace for people selling similar products to our own and how to approach them in a professional manner. Once we have found a potential JV partner we then ask them for a review copy of their product to see if they are someone who we would like to do business with – if you don’t like their products then it’s not worth your while JV’ing with them as it will do more harm than good to your profile as an internet marketer – honesty and integrity are everything in this game.

Next time I’ll be continuing with traffic generation and how to create viral ebooks.

Bye for now.

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