Week 12. Traffic Generation: Articles

The remainder of the course modules are all about sending traffic – potential customers – to your website and one of the best ways to do this is with Article Marketing.

This is a very simple method which involves writing an article of about 400 – 600 words telling people a little about your chosen topic, the idea is to give away some original information but not the whole story thus leaving people wanting more and then hopefully they’ll be curious enough to check out your website and hopefully they’ll be so blown away by your sales page that they cannot wait to hit the BUY NOW button 🙂

The way they get to your website from reading your article is that at the bottom of the article you give the reader a little bit of information about yourself in what is known as the ‘Bio Box’ this contains a direct link back to your website so all the reader has to do is click on that and they arrive at your site.

The strategy is to then submit around 2 articles every week which shouldn’t take up too much time once you become proficient in writing them. There was only one video this week and it went through the process of showing you how to submit articles.
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