Week 11. Gotta Do Some Catching Up!!!

As I write this the coaching group are already at week 13 of the course but I’ve got a little behind (small but perfectly formed like a little peach my girlfriend says) and am just finishing the week 10 stuff :-/

I’ve just been so busy lately what with the house decorating etc which I’m pleased to say is 3 quarters of the way complete now – thank goodness!! I’ve had little time to dedicate to the course videos and assignments but at last I’ve managed to finish my affiliate page Yippee!!! 🙂

Thankfully, John assures us that most of the hard work is done now and this is reflected in the fact that the instructional videos are getting less and less, much as I enjoy watching them it’s nice to know that the workload is taking a dip 🙂

Week 11 is concerned with creating what’s known as an opt-in form which is simply a coupon on the website  into which the potential customer is enticed to enter their name and email details in order to receive a free mini course themed around the sites subject. The idea being that you create a 7 day mini-course using Aweber which will automatically deliver each part of the course to the subscriber over a period of seven days. Each days course will be full of juicy bits of information and at the end will contain a link back to your sales page and the strategy is that once you have a means of collecting email addresses you can build your customer database and have seven more chances to make that all important sale.

So, my next big job is to create my mini course and thats what I’m off to do now so BFN


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