This Made Me Cry!

I know I haven’t made a post on here in AGES and I’m sorry.

Truth is I’ve been busy with my VA business but I came across a video today that well…..really affected me.

It’s not a sales video or anything like that but it’s an inspirational tale of one mans struggle against being told by the experts that he cannot do something……but he proved them all wrong 🙂

It’s a testament to the power of the human spirit at its very best and I happen to think it’s the best thing I’ve seen all year….it moved me to tears and that takes a lot I can tell you.

If you do only one thing today give this short video a look in.

Talk soon x


  • Craig pullman

    Reply Reply September 5, 2012

    Hi Edward,
    what an inspirational video! I must admit it brought a tear to my eye. It just goes to show that by taking action you can achieve the results you desire. I am blog hopping atm so off to another blog. Thanks for the inspiration. This has made my day.


  • Steve Cottrell

    Reply Reply September 11, 2012

    Hi Edward,

    Well, What to say. Just puts into perspective our own trifling problems. This is an inspiration to many, many people. Goodness me that took hard work, dedication, persistence and courage. I take my hat off to this guy. Awesome.

    Thanks for sharing Edward.



  • panicos varnava

    Reply Reply January 2, 2013

    Hi Edward,

    An emotional video that just proves that you never give up. I can relate to this as I too sufferd a terrible accident many years ago as I nearly broke my neck, quite literally. After spinal surgery to put me back to together and 18 months of intensive pysiotherapy, I am nearly as good as new.

    In my deepest darkest despair someone gave me Christopher Reeve’s autobiography (aka Superman)I identified immediately with Christopher as we both sufferd simular injury, but thank God my neck didn’t actually break. He gave me the inspiration to carry on when I felt like giving up, he was for me my ‘Superman’ and will always be thankful to the person who gave me his book and Christophers amazing attitude, GOd rest his soul. I remember the day when I hit rock bottom and said ‘enough is enough’ the only way is now UP. By the grace of God I got there and will do the same in internet marketing!

    Happy New Year

  • Sergio Felix

    Reply Reply January 10, 2014

    Wonderful video Eddy.

    I had seen this video before and it actually embarrassed me a little in the beginning because this guy REALLY had some huge problems (not like mine) and he actually managed to overcome them like a boss.

    In the end it encouraged me like there was no tomorrow, I think it’s a true inspirational story on its own!


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