R.I.P Tony Hart

Well yet another of my childhood heroes has passed away (sniff) 🙁

Tony Hart was probably most familiar with British TV audiences. Spanning 4 decades, the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s Tony was the softly spoken cravat wearing gentleman who hosted a number of children’s TV shows including: Titch and Quakers, Vision On, Take Hart and Hart Beat.

He also designed the iconic Blue Peter badge and was involved in the creation of TV’s favourite plasticine man – Morph  – who lived in a pencil box in Tony’s art studio.

I was really sad to hear of Tony’s death on Sunday 18th January 2008 aged 83, it brought back a wave of nostalgic memories from my very happy childhood, running home from school on a cold dark winter afternoon, the smell of my mums shepherds pie wafting in from the kitchen and Take Hart on the television – aah happy days 🙂

I used to love seeing Tony coming up with fantastic pieces of artwork from everyday household things and his lovely relaxing voice and manner made him all the more watchable.

I was saddened to hear that Tony suffered from 2 strokes in later life which robbed him of his ability to draw – life can be so cruel.

Tony, you will be sadly missed, God Bless you.

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