Ready! Steady Eddy! Go!

Sorry guys! I couldn’t resist the rather silly headline there but I put it down to hysteria after weeks on end of staring into my PC monitor, writing text for my book and making video tutorials for my latest product so I hope you can forgive me ๐Ÿ™‚

Yep, it’s finally finished, The Guru Buddy System – a step by step course on how to make a living working from from home as a VA (virtual assistant for those who don’t know) in fact, it’s the self same system I use myself and have been doing so successfully since November 2009.

I’m really proud of this product, simply because I always wanted to make a product on how to make money online but couldn’t genuinely do so because . . . well, I’d never actually done it.

I know that some people are quite happy to sell things that claim to make money even though they’ve never actually put the method into practice but to me that’s just plain wrong.

I always said to myself that if I found a genuine way to make money online then I would feel happy about showing others how to do it as well and the fact that I can now genuinely say that gives me a warm buzz inside ๐Ÿ™‚

So, what next? Well the product is all ready to go and I will be detailing the results of the launch here, there are some exciting things in the pipeline but I want to hold off talking about them just yet for fear of jinxing things – silly I know but I’m a little bit reticent at the moment and would prefer to talk about results rather than theories.

Anyway, I’ll discuss things a lot more in my next post so until then here’s the promo video for the Guru Buddy System:


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  • Steven Dailly

    Reply Reply June 19, 2010

    Hi Edward,

    I like your blog and can especially relate to the crappy job history part.

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