Week 1. Not A Great Start . . .

Okay so we (that is myself and the other students on Johns course) are already at week 2 (of 16) and I’m already a little bit behind schedule. This is partly due to the fact that I am currently in the middle of re-decorating my house from top to bottom with a view to selling it this year. As I write this I’m a little bit high on paint fumes so please excuse me if I start babbling 🙂

The week 1 module consisted of 5 instructional videos all concerned with setting up a website and email account.

The first video explained how to purchase a domain name, for those who don’t know what this is it is simply the name of the website address you type in your search engine, for example ‘www.Amazon.com’. John advised us to choose a domain name using our personal names for when we become mega famous Internet marketers in the future 🙂 so I purchased the domain ‘www.EdwardRush.com’.

The next step was to sign up for web hosting which simply means that you pay a company to store your website. The next video detailed all the step by step instructions for linking your domain name to your web host.

The remaining videos were about setting up an email account for your website and then just testing everything to iron out any problems.

All pretty simple stuff so far but quite enjoyable nonetheless

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