My Happy Customers

Here is a selection of genuine testimonials and positive comments left for me by customers, subscribers and product reviewers.


“Entering the Internet Marketing niche appears to be such an attractive proposition, with offers to make thousands of dollars within days. Or so I thought at the beginning. But it doesn’t work that way.

After struggling to make any money for so long with very little success, it all seemed like a dream. Within grasp, but not real.

Until I came across Eddy Rush and his Guru Buddy System.

Here was a system that didn’t talk about html code, ftp and all that other complicated stuff that puts so many people off starting their own online business.

Here was a system, presented in a down-to-earth, matter of fact style, that was so simple to follow and easy to implement, I kept wondering, “where’s the catch”.

But there isn’t one. All you have to do is follow what Eddy tells you to do and it will work.

Two weeks after starting to go through Eddy’s system I had my first client and a regular monthly fee going into my PayPal account.

For anyone looking to make their mark in IM and a regular online income, take time out from chasing those “shiny” objects and create a real business with the Guru Buddy Sysem.

Thanks Eddy for a breath of fresh air and common sense in this crazy world of Internet Marketing.”

John Coates –

The Guru Buddy System is exactly what I needed!

It’s refreshing to find a true blueprint for success.  While others promise it, this course actually delivers!

The course is well thought out, organized and easy to follow in “connect the dot” fashion.  Each section is fully supported by “over the shoulder” videos as well.

To be honest, I didn’t even finish watching all of the videos, before I got so excited that I went out and landed my first job!

The only thing more impressive than this course is the author himself, Edward Rush.  His genuine sincerity comes through in every thing he does.

Between the course itself, and Eddy’s support, there is absolutely NO reason why the Guru Buddy System will not work for you!

David Maddux –

Hi Eddy

I purchased your Guru Buddy system last week – what a great product!

I am working my way through all the modules which I am finding very informative and easy to follow.

I have owned a small conventional business in the past, but have been searching for an online legit business for a long time – and of course spent hundreds of £££s on lots of useless products in the past as I am sure have many other people.

Looks like my search is over Guru buddy is something I really believe I can do.

Kimberley Bailey – Northern England

Hi Edward,

I must say it’s very refreshing to meet someone with your degree of openness and sincerity! I love your lack of hype and frenzy, you just say it like it is and it’s just like a breath of fresh air!

I love the idea of your Guru buddy course, I have actually just started emailing a few people with a view to getting “hired!” I don’t know how difficult that will be, as I am approaching it from the newbie angle, but as you say, there’s loads of “guru’s products” out there, so I’m bound to get lucky sooner or later, and I’m quite confident that I can do this work easily, it doesn’t look particularly daunting!

Helen Kaye – England

For my testimonial, I want to fully disclose that I worked in the same office as Eddy for about a year. He’s a solid worker and an honest and upfront guy.

Knowing Eddy so well, I have actually seen his system in practice, and more than that I know it works. I have actually sat beside him in an office as he has put this system to use and made money with it.

And ever since I moved away from South Yorkshire, Eddy has been telling me all about what he’s been doing and he has gone from strength-to-strength.

When he told me he was making a product about it though, I was a little surprised. I didn’t know if you could actually teach what Eddy was doing and it was his first time making a product like this.

24 hours before the launch of his product and he sent me to his download page. It’s not just an ebook, it’s 26 videos, it’s templates for emails he has literally done 95% of everything for you!

Eddy has worked so long in this industry, he knows what a customer needs and expects and he has totally over-delivered with this course.

It’s incredible, the amount of content is impressive, and unlike a lot of products these days, you won’t find it half-finished. This is the real deal.

In the truest sense of the word, this is a business in a box, that works.

Alex McDonnell – Northern England