My Goals For 2009

Just thought it might be useful to write down a few things I’d love to achieve this year then when Christmas 2009 comes around I can look back and tick them all off 🙂  . . . or not 🙁

Ok first up, I really need to sell my parents house, it’s been up for sale for most of 2008 and we’ve only had 2 bleeding viewings thus far. Cannot understand it, it’s been lovingly decorated throughout and is relatively low priced but still no cigar, no cigars and no offers either. ANYONE WANT TO BUY MY HOUSE??

Next thing I really need to do is get some new windows for our house. Our windows are literally rotting away and it’s only the thick layer of paint which is holding them in at the moment 🙁  Obviously Amanda and I aren’t very flush with cash at the moment so that’s another reason why we need to sell the house – ANYONE WANNA BUY MY HOUSE????

My next 2 goals are connected and it’s something that Amanda and myself have been looking forward to for a long time. Firstly, we’d really love to have an addition to the family . . . no not a child, I’m talking about a dog. We’re both avid dog lovers but the time and circumstances have never really been right to allow us to get dogs. This year though we should hopefully be able to fulfill that little dream. Amanda is aching to get a German Shepherd and then shortly after that I’d love to get a black Labrador. A few things need taking care of first such as the garden needs securing etc but all being well we should be proud dog owners by the end of this summer and you’ll have some cute puppy pictures to coo over – awwww!!

Getting fitter is the next thing we both want to achieve and that’s why it’s connected to the dogs really. We both hate the forced routine of exercise plans but we both really enjoy walking dogs so our fitness levels should increase with the help of our four legged friends. The Christmas excesses have taken their toll on both of us and I’ve had to order some new comfy pants with an elasticated waist – sexy ay!! This can’t go on and we’re both determined to get fitter so stay tuned for some pics of rippling muscles in 2009.

I really want to make my Internet marketing plans work this year and my goals are to get some extra cash coming in every month. Now Amanda and I aren’t greedy people, we’re not even materialistic – the only things I ever buy are Doctor Who DVDs and the odd bit of memorabilia and Amanda doesn’t buy anything for herself really. Flash cars, gadgets and all the rest of it don’t appeal to us at all so I’ve no desire to make a ton of money. My aims are simple, an extra £2,000 – £3,000 a month from my online business would suit me fine and believe me that’s nothing compared to what some of these top internet marketers earn. Just to be able to live a nice comfortable life without having to worry about bills and be able to take a few nice holidays every year would be great, and also being in a position to help our family if they need it because there’s no greater feeling than helping others.

So that’s basically it for this year, phew!! quite a bit there to keep us busy and I’ll keep you posted through this blog on how that pans out for us in 2009.



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