I’m Still Behind in the Course But . . .

. . . Things are shaping up nicely!! Yep I’m still about 5 weeks behind in the coaching course mainly due to moving home – I’ve now moved in with my girlfriend Amanda – and my hair has gone a few shades grayer ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still in the process of renovating and decorating my house in order to get it ready for sale but I’m pleased to say it’s nearly complete so should be ready soon, just a pity the housing market in the UK has taken a turn for the worse ๐Ÿ™ anyway, we’ll have to see what happens.

Anyway back to the coaching course and I’m delighted to report that even though I haven’t completed all the course materials YET a lot of interesting things have been happening. The first of which was that a US TV team came across my website www.the-sleep-invaders.com and contacted me asking if I would like to contribute to a documentary they are making on the subject of Sleep Paralysis – of course I jumped at the opportunity with both hands (I know that doesn’t make sense but you know what I mean) and preparations are now being made to include me in an interview for the TV show.

I was also contacted just a few days ago by a Radio presenter in New York called Dayna Winters, a co founder of ISIS Paranormal Investigations. They are launching a new radio show called ISIS Paranormal Radio and would like me to be a guest interviewee.

So, as you can see things are really beginning to get quite interesting. As regards sales of my ebook – I have sold a few even though I haven’t been actively promoting the site, as you’ll see in subsequent posts I will describe the methods John teaches us to promote our products and drive traffic to the site so hopefully when I get some spare time and really start promoting the site the sales of my book will pick up significantly.

In my last post for the week 11 course materials I explained that we were given the task of creating an opt in form which gave subscribers a mini course of tips and secrets by email over the course of a few days, well because I’ve been so busy I still have not had time to do this but as it’s not essential just yet I will devote the next few posts explaining what tasks we were given in the remaining course modules. There are sixteen overall and since writing my last post I have received them all so I shall describe the rest of them for you in this blog over the course of the next few days.

Bye for now!

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