Happy New Year!! . . . . I hope!

Well that’s it for another year, I’ve ordered some new jeans with an extra inch on the waist to accommodate all my excesses over the Christmas period – I’ll be needing Clown Trousers at this rate 🙂

Now it’s on with the job of erm . . . finding a job after 9 years of employment, something I’m not enjoying and wading through endless job vacancies is quite depressing. I live in South Yorkshire where the average wage is pretty poor AND they want you to jump through hoops for it too.

One job did catch my eye a few days ago though, it was for a silicone breast implant polisher – I wonder if that means you get to polish them AFTER they’ve been inserted 🙂

I’ve got big plans for this year, I’m currently in the process of creating a new website following the advice from the John Thornhill Coaching course and a new course I’ve signed up for called the Kickstart course which is run by Tony Shepherd and Sara Brown – more details soon.


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