Goodbye Number 48 . . . I’ll Miss You!

Well I’ve finally managed to sell my late parents house that my brother and I inherited 2 years ago.

While I’m relieved to have been able to finally find a buyer, my joy is mixed with a lot of sadness as well because of all the wonderful happy memories attached to the house.

I lived in that house – number 48, for almost 34 years on and off and my family and I experienced some of our happiest moments there . . . and a few sad ones too.

However, time and tide wait for no one and everything changes, I settled in a new home last May 2008 with my girlfriend Amanda and we have big plans ahead of us for this year and beyond so that’s something I’m really looking forward to.

Still, it’s funny how you can get so emotionally attached to places and bricks and mortar.

So it’s a fond farewell to number 48 Violet Avenue and I hope whomever resides in it next has as many happy memories in it as I did.


Number 48

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