Week 3. Fevered Writings!

I’m trying to write this entry in between bouts of sneezing! Yep I’ve caught the dreaded ‘Man Flu’ which as we all know dont we fellas is far worse than the regular type cold right?

I’ve been sent home from work early but quickly got bored so I’ve decided to plough on like a hero (pathetic cough!) with this weeks coaching videos. There was a whopping 14 videos to get through this time with the majority of them concerned with all the technical aspects of finishing setting up our Blogs.

As you can see, I’ve done a bit of decorating to my site (can’t get away from bloody decorating offline or online) and I think it looks a lot smarter with a more organised layout. Another change you’ll notice is the adverts placed all over the pages, this is a result of applying for a Google Adsense account which I described in a previous post. Over the weeks the ads should relate a bit more to the content in my site and the idea is that I earn a commission each time a visitor clicks on an ad on these pages – go on . . . you know you want to 🙂

One of the most important videos this week explained the importance of signing up for an Aweber account. One of the keys to success in Marketing is building a list of subscribers and Aweber is a facility that manages all this for you. If you look at the top of the screen you can see what is known as an ‘opt in’ form, anyone wishing to recieve updates, products or anything else from my website would fill in their details in the opt in form and the details would be held in confidence on Awebers secure database. All my campaigns and email messages can be managed from Aweber and it’s a really usefull facility for looking after customers.

Even though there were a lot of videos to get through this week and me having the man flu an all (did I mention I have man flu?) I can honestly say I really enjoyed going through them. There were some quite technical aspects and tasks which could have been quite complicated for a beginner like me but for Johns excellent tuition, he explains everything simply and clearly and I ended up with a real sense of achievment upon completion of each successful task. 🙂

Onward and upward

Til next time


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  • Sue French

    Reply Reply February 16, 2008

    Hi Ed,
    I’ve just read all your posts – I love your style; great sense of humour and you project yourself well. I think your “experiment” will be a great success.

    I am soo loving this course – can hardly wait for the next week’s module!

    I too enjoy and respect Lee McIntyre and Sara Brown, among others. No hype, just friendly straight talking.

    Keep up the good work.


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