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Crickey! where do I start?

I have a keen interest in lots of things as I have always had an enquiring mind so can find most things interesting, here are just a few:

My main passion is for Doctor Who which I have loved from the age of 5. Tom Baker is my all time favourite Doctor but the new guy David Tenant is doing a good job these days in the role. Someone asked me recently why I love the programme so much, well it’s simple really – it’s a departure from reality. For half an hour you can escape from the hum drum of life, suspend your disbelief and let your imagination run wild. Not that I’m complaining about my life at all, in fact I have quite a good life but sometimes the routine of everday things gets you down, like work and paying bills and all the other little problems that seem to creep up on you when you least expect them. So Doctor Who is my little vice, my escape from reality if you like. It helped me a lot through 2007 which was the worst year of my life (I hope) a year in which I lost both my parents within the space of 10 months.

Self Improvement and the power of the mind is another passion of mine. I LOVE to hear peoples success stories, especially those who have overcome problems to get to where they are now, I love gunning for the underdog. It’s fascinating to me how basically we are all made the same way but that little computer in our skulls determines our outcome – all debates about wether or not the soul (if it exists) is separate from the brain put aside for a moment.

Rock music is another interest of mine with Danzig being my all time favourite band. I do like a wide range of other music as well but nothing gets the blood flowing and the spine tingling better than a good howl down the the microphone from Glenn Danzig.

I love a good conspiracy theory and have followed the career of one of the most famous conspiracy theory authors – David Icke. I used to watch David on T.V. years ago when he presented sports programmes and it was fascinating to me when he suddenly started coming out with all these revelations and conspiracies, I decided to follow his progress and have even been to see him speak at one of his 4 hour long presentations. To be honest I still really don’t know what to think about it all, when I was younger I was too quick to believe it all but the older I get the more I start to question things so I take everything with a pinch of salt now.

The Paranormal and all things wierd and wonderfull has always held a fascination for me. Especially since I started experiencing the phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis in my early teens. If you’ve never heard of Sleep Paralysis check out my website at The-sleep-invaders.com very scary stuff.

Making money, this falls into the realms of self improvement but this is a particularly interesting subject for me. I’m not materialistic in any way and don’t crave wheel barrows full of cash – not that there is anythig wrong with that if that’s what turns you on. What makes it all so interesting to me is the process by which it is done. I have always had a problem with belief in my abilities, I think I am a pretty confident person in other areas but there is just this one thing which I feel I need to achieve to make me feel more complete and I find it fascinating that people can create their own realities and create real wealth for themselves. As I describe in my ‘About Me’ section, I work in a very unsatisfactory job which pays a pittance and it would be a massive achievment for me if I could change this. For the past few years I have become very interested in online marketing and particularly E-Books. I did manage to cobble together my own website (mentioned above) but have not really been able to dedicate enough time towards promoting it, I hope to change all that in 2008 though.

A few of my favourite internet marketers who I feel are the real deal and helped me in the past are: John Thornhill of Planet SMS – who of course is my tutor for the coaching course I’m currently on. Lee Mcintyre from Lee-Mcintyre.com, Phil Gosling from Homepublish.com and Sara Brown from Sara Brown.com

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  • Omar Martin

    Reply Reply February 13, 2008

    Eddy, I have truly enjoyed my visit here. You are a funny guy. I wish you lots of success online and good luck with the house.


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