Am I Going Soft Or What?!!

Normally when my girlfriend chooses the film we are going to watch that night you can see the skid marks in our floorboards from where I’m running up the stairs out of the way.

Why you ask?

Well it’s usually because she has chosen some soppy chick flick or rom com – usually starring Colin Firth because apparently he was great as Mr Darcy (well ok, I relent, he was good as Mr Darcy) and she keeps hoping for a repeat performance.

I on the other hand, being the blokey type that I am would prefer to watch something involving guns and gratuitous violence with a smattering of big breasted women bursting out of cakes – Under Siege springs to mind.

Not that I’m a complete neanderthal you understand – I also love to watch films of a more intellectually challenging and highbrow nature to give my failing beer addled brain a good workout every now and then, I feel it deserves it as it has served me well enough all these years and mostly kept me out of trouble 🙂

But chick flicks AAAARGGGHH!!!, hate em!! hate em!! hate em!!

Having said this though, as with a lot of things in life there are always
exceptions to every rule and I actually found myself really enjoying Amandas film of choice the other night.

The film is Frankie and Johnny and stars Al Pacino and Michelle Pfier . . Pfffie . . . Fpipe . . . oh hell you know what her name is (I could look it up but I know I’d get distracted from writing this post if Google images came back with pics of her in the catsuit from Batman Returns) and it’s basically a love story but I think I liked it because of it’s unslushy, unfussy realism.

It’s also damn funny too and has some really touching moments like the scenes where Michelle Thingymabob is watching the world get on with life through her apartment window and seeing all the little lives going on in the block opposite while Debussy’s Clare De Lune  plays inthe background – sort of like Rear Window without the nasty murdery bit.

Anyway, I thought I’d include the final scene which I suppose you shouldn’t watch if you haven’t seen the film really so thinking again I wont post the final scene I’ll post the trailer instead . . . God I had an argument with myself there.

Anyway, enjoy 🙂

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