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Hello and a warm welcome to my Blog!

12342743_956147471124571_4018683179400351683_nPlease Note: The bio below was written in 2007 and there have been MANY changes since then I’m pleased to say but I wanted to leave my original ‘About Me’ section intact so I can see what my thoughts were back in 2007 and how far I have come.

As you can see, I originally started this blog as a money making experiment to see if I could start my own online business.

However, rather than filling this blog purely with posts about how to make money which I feel would be rather soulless not to mention BORING I decided to write about other things such as life, the universe and …nothing in particular in an attempt to hopefully amuse and divert you.

I’ll still be coming up with money making tips and advice from time to time but I just didn’t want to make it the whole focus of the blog.

Anyway, for now let’s get back to the subject of my money making experiment…

My goal was to eventually be in a position where I could quit my day job and work from home and I’m pleased to announce that I have now achieved this goal.

It was a fascinating journey and lead me down some unexpected paths as various opportunities came my way, and are still coming my way each week.

My intention was to create little products in niche markets and then live solely from the sales of these products….well it didn’t really work out the way I planned but instead I’m happy to say it worked out better than I thought.

Please see the post entitled ‘I’ve Acheived My Dream…..Well Sort Of’ which explains my amazing online journey and has lead me to the stage where I’m at today.

Original Bio written in 2007…….

My name is Edward Rush and I live in the village of Swinton which is in South Yorkshire here in the UK.

I have decided at the tender age of 37 that I would quite like to escape the rat race and make a living as an internet marketer and in this blog I will be charting my progress.

For many years now I have wondered if there was a way to make a good living from a business that can be run from home and over the years I have looked at lots of different ways to make an extra income in my spare time with a view to eventually having my own business as my sole source of income and being able to quit the crummy day job.

In my early twenties, before the internet really took off, I looked at all sorts of work at home businesses most of which turned out to be complete scams or at best totally unworkable. I tried envelope stuffing, model making, assembling car alarms, trading white goods (home appliances), MLM, Amway, Kleeneezee, and in my darkest hour I even sent off for a business manual which claimed to teach you how to make money by painting glow in the dark stars on childrens bedroom ceilings – I kid you not.

I tried them all, I even went down the gambling route and tried to make a living as a professional horse racing gambler – I sent off for system after system and all of them needless to say turned out to be absolute rubbish in the end and if I ever give one good bit of advice in my life it will be this: GAMBLING SYSTEMS DO NOT WORK!! the odds will always win in the end, it only takes one long losing run and then wham!! it’s game over no matter how good your staking plan is – I learned this the hard way.

So by now you’d think I would have given up the quest to make a living from home wouldn’t you and just resigned myself to the crummy day job, but no – I haven’t, and I never will because something is still nagging away at me deep inside telling me that there IS a way for anyone to be successful with their own home business and this blog is my experiment to see if I can find it.

For the past few years I’m sure most people will have heard of the term ‘Online Marketing’, with the rise of the internet has come many more opportunities for the ‘little guy’ to succeed. I know for a fact that some people are making a good living from their own online businesses. I’m not talking about the scammers or the con artists, I mean a decent honest enterprise offering good value for money.

I believe that now more than ever before there is a demand for knowledge in every subject imaginable. This is what has lead to the phenominal rise in popularity of the Internet or ‘Information Super Highway’ as it used to be called. Groups and subcultures interested in everything from hobbies to health care now have access via the internet to a wealth of information and I believe that this is the key to discovering a successful internet home business – by providing them with that information.

For my experiment I have signed up to an internet Coaching Course developed by an internet marketer called John Thornhill. Each week for the next 16 weeks he will release video casts explaining what must be done in order to have a successful website selling a product and I will be explaining in this blog the steps I have taken each week following the videos and Johns advice.Just for the record, I think it’s important to let you all know where I’m coming from and my financial status at this time.

At the moment I work for a local newspaper company namely Johnston Press, as a desktop publisher and it is my job to produce the property guide section for several different newspapers. Because of tight deadlines and the sheer volume of work involved we, that is my co workers and I, are required to work 3, 13 hour shifts Mon – Wed all for the pitiful sum of just under £1,000 a month (after taxes), not much to live on I think you’ll agree.

I also think it’s important for you to know that I have very little experience in internet (or any) marketing and class myself as a complete beginner. I did undertake a similar course to Mr Thornhills last year but was unable to dedicate enough of my time to it. 2007 was a particularly bad year for my family and I and tragically I lost both my parents within the space of 10 months so the last thing on my mind was making money.

A new year and I’m all fired up and ready to get stuck in again.

So I hope you will all enjoy reading my progress and hopefully in 16 weeks time I will have successfully found a way to make money with my own home business.

Wish me luck!

Bye for now



I thought it might be interesting to include a potted history of all the crappy jobs I’ve ever done since I left school at the tender age of 16.

I’ve never really known what I’d like to do career wise so since leaving school I tried a variety of different jobs starting with:

Trainee Chef – Hated working split shifts, had to start at 8am and worked until 2:00pm then back again at 6:00pm right through until 10:30pm. In the summer the heat in the kitchen was sweltering and had me sweating like a dinner lady’s armpit (a delightful Yorkshire phrase) It did have some perks though, the waitresses were hot (I mean sexy not sweaty) and the kitchen had a giant walk in fridge full of delicious food which I used to erm . . . test.

Trainee Landscape Gardener – not really a wise move considering I suffer from hay-fever but you live and learn. Again some perks in the job, the guys I worked with were a great bunch – a real motley crew and we got lots of cups of tea and biscuits from the customers. I think the lowest point in this job was when I was asked to clear up a lawn full of leaves . . . in a force 10 gale. Also, in my youth I had a trendy hairstyle which used to be held together with a can of hairspray which attracted all the flies in the area, my head was like a beacon for them. My hay-fever also decided to kick in particularly vigorously one day so this coupled with my head being surrounded by flies made for a pretty miserable day, I had to go around wearing safety goggles and my head wrapped in a scarf .

Trainee Bench Joiner – Never really gelled with this job because I was basically crap at it, although I did manage to make a half decent front door and again the camaraderie on the building sites was good.

Trainee Odd Job Man
– Worked at a training center that helped the unemployed re-train in various trade skills. It was my job to maintain the site. Didn’t mind this job although the pay was rubbish, met my ex girlfriend and mother to my lovely daughter here, she was the site secretary.

Extruder Operator – By this time I was in my early twenties and in a serious relationship with the above mentioned girlfriend and so it was time to settle down and get a more permanent job so I got a soul destroying job as an android at the local plastics factory which was a living nightmare but it paid the bills and so I stuck it out for seven years (oh my God I’ll never get em back) until finally I cracked, then the relationship ended so I started with a clean slate, gave up the house moved back to my folks and tried something completely different.

Desktop Publisher – I re-trained in some basic computer skills courses and got a job at the Doncaster Free Press Newspaper offices. This I really enjoyed because I was the only man apart from the supervisor in an office full of women. Here I met my present girlfriend Amanda who now works from home with me.

This job ended in November 2008 due to the recession and the resultant changes in the newspaper industry. Voluntary redundancy was offered and so I took the plunge and decided to take up this offer which was quite scary I can tell you but I am so glad I did it.

Customer Support Advisor – by February 2009 I had found a job working for a UK Internet marketer dealing with his customer support desks.

My experience with creating my own websites and products had given me the relevant qualifications to work in this role and I really enjoyed the work. However, the business started to flounder towards the end of 2009 and I again found myself facing redundancy.

Not Crappy Anymore………

I’m happy to report that this is where things started to change for the better for me.

Again, I decided to take another plunge and set myself up as a freelance VA handling admin tasks and customer support desks for the gurus.

I worked really hard to become successful at this – looming bills and a frightened girlfriend can do this to you – and by January 2010 I had 3 clients on my books and had managed to replace my wage.

The sense of achievement I felt when I had done this was amazing…..I had finally achieved my dream of working from home and you can read the post ‘I’ve Achieved My Dream…Well, Sort Of‘ which describes this in more detail.

It was after a few weeks of doing this that I decided to create my own product showing other people how they could follow in my footsteps and work from home and so the Guru Buddy System was born.

I’m also happy to report that this system is selling really well, getting some great feedback from my customers and it’s even enabled my girlfriend Amanda to work from home when she was also made redundant in 2010.