From A Paperclip To A House In 14 Steps

I love a good success story and this guys story is absolutely amazing.

Kyle Macdonald had a simple idea to play a trading game online using the online bidding site Craigslist.

It started out a as a bit of laugh when he decided to make his first trade a simple red paperclip.

He then made a series of trades and over the course of a year he ended up with…..wait for it a House!!

I’ve included Kyles story in the video below, I urge you to watch it as it should be an inspiration to anyone wanting to achieve something in their lives.

It’s a truly amazing story….enjoy! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “From A Paperclip To A House In 14 Steps

  1. Brilliant, inspirational and emotional what a great concept. What I really like about this story is it shows up the best qualities in our species. Excellent.

  2. That was fantastic! Though… I’m still puzzled by the weekend in Yahk traded for a truck – Bizarre! 🙂

  3. That is a phenomenal story! I had heard of the paper clip story through one of the LOA or internet marketing gurus I get emails from (probably someone connected with Joe Vitale in some way or another) and wanted to know what happened, how this was done. I am just beginning to realize that people put interesting/strange values on different things. Guess it depends on what they want or need.

    Thank you for posting this!

    By the way, I found your blog on Tony Shepherd’s web page for “Affordable Mentoring”. I found Tony Shepherd through Sara Brown’s “Jobhater’s Newsletter” probably 5 years ago when I had nothing to do – yet again – at my corporate job (I left 3 years ago). Not sure how I found her, though…

    Just to let you know, I liked your ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ article, so I’m trying out your “Beginners Guide to Online Marketing” book.


  4. Hi Marquina

    Thanks for commenting.

    It’s nice to get feedback like this, makes it all worthwhile.

    Yes the internet is a strange place indeed with lots of wierd little niche markets out there waiting to be tapped.

    Tony Shepherd is one of the good guys and I have followed him for a few years now which is why I have no hesitation in recommending his products.

    Hope you enjoy the book and if you need anything else just give me a buzz 🙂

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