This Made Me Cry!

September 1st, 2012Posted by Edward Rush

I know I haven’t made a post on here in AGES and I’m sorry. Truth is I’ve been busy with my VA business but I came across a video today that well…..really affected me. It’s not a sales video or anything like that but it’s an inspirational tale of one mans struggle against being told […]

Talking Potatoes, A Hug From My Late Father & An Invitation To An Indian Sari Party.

January 4th, 2012Posted by Edward Rush

The dream started off normally enough… There was I sprawled out on the sofa of my old childhood home having a quick power nap (something I enjoy quite a lot) with not a care in the world and in walked my late father beaming from ear to ear, arms outstretched & motioning to me for […]

If You Want To Be Successful Learn To Wipe Your Own Arse!

July 23rd, 2011Posted by Edward Rush

Okay, firstly apologies for that rather crude title but it really does sum up what I want to say in this post. Remember when you were a small child and your parents did everything for you? Bathed you Cooked your meals and fed you Dressed you Attended to your every whim And literally wiped your […]

Finally, A Decent Product :-)

April 21st, 2011Posted by Edward Rush

I know it’s been a long time coming but I did promise a few posts ago that I would find a good product and review it for you. Well I’m pleased to say that I have now done this, just goes to show that apart from all the dross that’s being unleashed onto the market […]

It’s Time To Get Real in 2011!!

January 30th, 2011Posted by Edward Rush

Let me ask you a question…do you fall into any of these categories? * Hopeless dreamers * Gullible fools * Greenhorn newbies * Realistic go-getters I’d like to talk about each category in turn, but first let me explain what has prompted this post. As you know if you’ve been following this blog for any […]

First Post of 2011!!

January 18th, 2011Posted by Edward Rush

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s a little late in the day and I’ve been a little quiet lately so I apologise for that but I do have a good excuse …which I’ll tell you about later. I hope you all had a cracking good holiday and are all fired up for the new […]

So Impressed…I Bought The Company!

October 10th, 2010Posted by Edward Rush

Any of my readers of a certain age may remember a US businessman by the name of Victor Kiam who was very famous around the 70′s and 80′s for the Remmington Shaver adverts. One advert in particular sticks in my memory, it’s the one where Victor explains that he was so impressed by the performance […]

Is Your PC Slowing Down?

September 25th, 2010Posted by Edward Rush

Just a quick video for you today explaining the importance of PC Maintenance and what you can do if your PC seems to be on it’s last legs. This was prompted by some issues I was having with a laptop of mine which became so slow I could set it a simple task and then […]

Saving Money Using Other Peoples Crap….Literally

September 18th, 2010Posted by Edward Rush

Ok, first of all let me apologise for the rather crude subject matter of this blog post but I felt I had to include it as I find the subject matter fascinating. As regular readers of my blog will know, I talk about making money but from time to time I also like to talk […]

Questions, Rants & Recommendations

September 12th, 2010Posted by Edward Rush

I’ve made a short video for you today which I think everyone will benefit from. In it I talk about the question that I get asked the most, I also have a little strop about Affiliate Marketing and how 90% of people are doing it wrong….and finally I give you details and a recommendation about […]

The Noise Of A Vacuum Cleaner Could Make You Money

August 30th, 2010Posted by Edward Rush

Is that the weirdest blog post heading you ever saw or what? You may be forgiven for thinking that I’ve had a few too many ales tonight and this is just the ramblings of a drunken fool but stick with me as this promises to get interesting, if a little weird. Okay, let me start […]

This FREE Book Will Save You Money & Stress

August 10th, 2010Posted by Edward Rush

Well I’ve finally finished my latest little side project. If you remember a few blog posts ago I promised that the next product I created I would be giving away for free….you can read that blog post again to refresh your memory by clicking HERE Well here is the new book in all it’s glory… […]

From A Paperclip To A House In 14 Steps

July 29th, 2010Posted by Edward Rush

I love a good success story and this guys story is absolutely amazing. Kyle Macdonald had a simple idea to play a trading game online using the online bidding site Craigslist. It started out a as a bit of laugh when he decided to make his first trade a simple red paperclip. He then made […]

Makes It All Worthwhile

July 28th, 2010Posted by Edward Rush

As you can see, my last few posts have been about the monetary rewards of Internet Marketing where I showed you the scans of my ClickBank cheques. I actually received yet another only the other day……it’s becoming a bore now….. just kidding, keep em coming In all seriousness though, it’s always nice to get the […]

More Proof This Internet Marketing Stuff Works…..

July 14th, 2010Posted by Edward Rush

I’m happy to be able to report that I received two more nice surprises in the post this week in the form of ClickBank checks (cheques). Okay, first up here are the checks: The first one is for my niche website about Sleep Paralysis where I give away a free book and then make a […]